Takikawa Canola Flower Festival


Takikawa Nanohana Festival 2023


Date: 20th May (Sat)~ 28th May (Sun)

Opening ceremony: 20th May (Sat) 10:00AM~

*We will be giving out free nanohana inspired mochi rice cakes to guests (while stocks last)


Gourmet festival and special access area (limited to Saturdays and Sundays)

Date: 20th May (Sat), 21st May (Sun), 27th May (Sat), 28th May (Sun)

Time: 10:00AM~4:00PM


Gourmet area

One of the best food selection as recomended by the Takikawa Tourism Association.

Venue: Michinoeki Rest Stop Takikawa (Takikawa Shi Ebeotsu Cho Higashi 11 Chome 13-3 )


Nanohana field special access area (entry fee:300)

This is the first time in 4 years that Takikawa city is bringing back the flower viewing platform! In this special access area, you will also get to enter the flower fields to take up close and personal photos with the flowers.

Please note that there is no parking space available near this area, so please use the Nanohana taxi or Nanoha bus.

No pets allowed

No drones allowed


*Please note that entry inside the fields is only limited to the special access area, so please do not enter the other fields outside of this area.


Sightseeing information


Michinoeki roadside station Takikawa Information booth

Address: Takikawa Shi Ebeotsu Cho Higashi 11 Chome 13-3

English speaking staff available from 10AM to 4PM (Only on weekends)

We will also be selling Nanohana sweets on the weekends made by a popular confectionary store in Takikawa.

Takikawa Tourism International Square

Address: Takikawa Shi Sakaemachi 4 Chome 9-1

Contact number: 0125-23-0030 (Takikawa Tourist Association)



There is free parking allocated for visitors on weekends near the Michinoeki Takikawa rest stop. However, we expect large crowds during the weekends and thus limited parking space. We seek your cooperation in taking public transport or carpool as much as possible.



At Takikawa Skypark, you can experience soaring in a glider!

You will be able to see the canola flower field from a bird's eyeview.

Takikawa Skypark: Takikawa Nakajimacho 139-4

Contact number:0125-24-3255

Cost: 9500yen/person (Non-residents) 7000yen/person (Takikawa residents)


Traffic information

Ÿ   Nanohana Taxi (departure and arrival from Michonoeki Takikawa rest stop)

Carpool a jumbo taxi and let the driver bring you to the best viewing spots!

This service is only available on weekends, and the driver will drop visitors off at the special paid access area.

Cost: 1000 yen/person (persons with disability will have 200 yen discount)

*Entry fee of 300 yen is not included


Ÿ   Private taxi for 90mins (departure and arrival from Takikawa International Tourism Square)

Zero wait time needed to go to the flower fields! This option is value for money compared to regular metered fare.

Cost: 90mins 6,540yen/taxi

*Entry fee of 300 yen is not included


Ÿ   Nanohana bus (departure and arrival from Michonoeki Takikawa rest stop)

Limited to only on the weekends during the Nanohana festival. The bus will make a round trip to bring you to the special paid access area and back to the Michinoeki rest stop.

Cost: 600yen/person (includes access to special paid area)


Local bus (Taki-fuka line)

The most wallet-friendly way to get to the Michinoeki Takikawa rest stop from JR Takikawa station. Board the bus that goes towards the Michinoeki, and get off at the bus stop named Ebeotsu Chuo Doori (江部乙中央通り), and walk to the rest stop.

Cost: 370 yen one way


Bicycle rental (rental and return at Michinoeki Takikawa)

Renting and riding a bike is the easiest and most convenient place to get around popular gourmet hotspots and nanohana viewing spots.

Cost: Mountain bike 500yen/2 hours per bike or electrically assisted bike 1000yen/2 hours per bike

*Entry fee of 300 yen is not included in the rental price


Rental car (cost will vary depending on type of car)

You can rent a car from the Takikawa Tourism International Square building right next to JR Takikawa station. This is recommended for people that want to freely drive around looking for the best restaurants and viewing spots.


2023 Takikawa Nanohana Festival Committee


Chairperson: Mr. Masaki Taniguchi 


Contact Information

 Takikawa Tourism Association Person in charge: Mr. Ikeda

TEL0125-23-0030 FAX0125-23-0918

Takikawa City Tourism Division, Industrial Promotion Department : Mr. Saito

TEL0125-28-8031 FAX0125-74-6122



Entry into the rape field is prohibited!

Please do not enter!

The rape field is privately owned by the rapeseed producer.

Parking and stopping on the surrounding roads may cause traffic accidents and hinder agricultural work.

Inquiries: Takikawa Tourism Association (☎0125-23-0030)

■2021 The rape blossom blog will not be updated due to the announcement of the state of emergency.

Taken May 18, 2019

(Official) Hokkaido Takikawa City Tourism PR Movie

"Takikawa Color Highway"

Sightseeing PR movie "Takikawa Color Highway" has been released!

This is a video that shows the charm of Takikawa in about 10 minutes.

This is a video that shows the charm of Takikawa in about 10 minutes.

This is a video that shows the charm of Takikawa in about 10 minutes.