2019 The schedule of the Takikawa Nanohana Flower Festival was decided as follows.
It is two days of 2019.5.18 to 5.19.2019

Nanohana Week

 Before and after the rape blossoms festival, it is a period when flowering of rape blossoms can be enjoyed. During the "Nanohana Week" period, local special products and products such as rape-related goods will be sold at the field site, the rape taxi (jumbo taxi) will be operated, and a tourist information center will be opened at Michi no Eki.


"Nanohana flower taxi" "Rental cycle" "Temporary parking " etc. can be used during the period. Please see Nanohana blossom map for the location of nanohana flower field. At " Road Station Michinoeki Takikawa" and JR Takikawa Station an information desk is set up during the Nanohana Week period. Please use it.

Festival schedule: Saturday, May 18, -Sunday, May 19,

Venue: Maruka Kogen Densyukan Hall

Inquiries General Takikawa Tourist Association (telephone 0125-23-0030)